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Little Sense
the BAND

"Grateful Americana roots and jamming exploration make for Little Sense ~ an original band and sound that comes across as instantly familiar; fusing rock, folk and blues with a finesse in opening it up."

"It's in the family, and it's cause you love the music..."

- Wonderful Person, Music Wonders Magazine

LITTLE SENSE has gone through a few self-iterations of sense and time. Born out of a Dancing Bears logo flyer posted at the original Guitarville shop on 15th Ave NE in Seattle, Ron responded to the signal and called and said, "Yea, hi, I'm up for working into some Dead Jerry music..." the year was 2000, the beginning of a new time, new space, this new era as we all know and he and David agreed to start playing acoustics in David's garage.


It actually thundered quite intensely one night soon after they got together with lightning striking  profusely all around - being a little odd to have a lot of lightning in Seattle - so David had the garage doors wide open as they played facing out. It ended up in a downpour, but they nevertheless plucked  and strummed away at their acoustic guitars - David had a 1960 Gibson B-20 and Ron had an Alvarez-Yairi like the type Garcia played - playing through the great tunes they both knew so well... Deal, Jack Straw, Cold, Rain and Snow, and several others, and David pulled out some originals like Train to Mexico and Annie Bell, and yea, Ron was (and still is) actually a long time guitar player before he picked up and decided to play the bass.

It wasn't long after they met and even after having done some duo gigs at some friend BBQ's and other places, when Ron declared he was going to play bass and went out and bought himself a Modulus. Unbelievable, David said - critical talent to find for this type of music. 

And then some crows were heard cawing down a street alley and it was Amelia Crawford (original keys and vocalist) who walked into the scene. She was strolling down 85th St in front of Gorditio's Mexican restaurant exactly the same time David came walking up the other side of the street. She was in a band called Foolish Drama back in the 80-90's in Santa Fe, New Mexico where they had both lived. David had his first band there - Dancin' Bare - and the two bands ended up doing gigs together. Unbeknownst to each that the other had also moved to Seattle, they yelled totally surprised to see each other, and after a few excited "Hey, how are ya?!"s, it soon turned into "Hey, let's get together and play some music!!!" And very soon after, Ron, Amelia and David got together, had some tea and played music together the very first time, and thus the origination of Little Sense Band. 

Of course as the weather changed, so did people and their locations - five years in, Amelia got swept by another energy urge and decided to move to Boston to determine if something was there. Ron and David agreed to continue to woo this Little Sense thing in Seattle with others joining in and pursue what had become a repertoire of mostly originals with a smattering of Jerry Garcia Band cover covers! 

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